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Why Butler Mail...

Finding a service provider skilled in both direct mail and email is difficult.  Finding one that can provide personalized output and response mechanisms ranging from return envelopes to smartphone interaction is rare.  Add a requirement to clean, upgrade, and manage your data utilizing the latest software and postal resources and you find Butler Mailing Services in a class by its self.  With the breadth of services we provide, every outreach (physical or digital) is an opportunity to gather more information from your targeted audience.  More information produces more effective marketing.

Whether you need to create a new marking database or energize an existing house list, we can do that

If you are going to spend scarce resources in communicating with customers, why limit the choices they have to respond?  When using direct mail to communicate with mixed age audiences, why not provide a return envelope (physical), a Personalized URL (digital), and a dynamic QR Code (mobile).  Then follow the direct mail piece with a broadcast email to reinforce your offer.  When someone responds to a PURL, have a triggered email thank them for their response.  Don’t have an email address for your customers?  Ask for one utilizing both physical and digital prefilled forms!

On-line service providers only offer digital marketing.  Yet a large segment of society will only respond to a physical solicitation.  Make sure your service provider is working with a full tool box and has the experience and expertise necessary to make you successful.  Direct mail is hard.  Working with the Postal Service is difficult.  All the rules, regulations, and data management requirements take seasoned professionals to be successful.  For more than 30 years Butler Mailing Services has been helping our customers with their data management and direct marketing needs.

Don't trust your customer's marketing data to people that believe a customer database has only one field... and it contains an "@" sign!