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Dear Todd,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts on this project.  I know that working with the census tracts was no easy task.  You pulled it off and were a pleasure to work with during the entire project.

Thank you for your efforts, professionalism and humor (to keep me grounded).  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tammy Allison

Chief Operating Officer


Hi Todd,


Just wanted to say the Dr. Hood letters look great! I’m impressed with the printing on the envelope – THANKS!




Laura A. Miller

V.P. Marketing & Communications

Mary Rutan Hospital


Great Work!

I just received my copy of the mailer today.  I am very pleased with the quality of your teams work.  Also, let your disc manufacturer know I lam very impressed with the quality of the DVD.

It looks much better than I thought it would, as I was under the assumption it was going to be duplicated rather than stamped out.  The Chicago Videogarphy hologram on the backside was a very nice touch.

You and your team offer a great service, & I look forward to using your services for years to come.

Steve Buller, Chicago Videography

"...difinitive White Paper"

"Todd Butler of Butler Mailing Services authored what I believe is the definitive White Paper on these new proposed requirements . Todd has been involved in the genesis of these requirements from the beginning (although, as you will see, is vocal in his opposition to the outcome) and provides a useful perspective on the evolution of these new proposed rules. Although software vendors are not affected by this particular rule as it relates primarily to piece characteristic and tabbing requirements, if implemented these requirements are likely to affect your production."  "I encourage everyone to become familiar with the issue and if it affects you then provide comment to the Postal Service before January 28th." 

-- K. Jon Runstrom, President BCC Software Inc. 12/29/2008