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Multichannel Marketing

Everyone knows that multichannel marketing is the best approach for generating new business.  To drive on-line traffic many companies use legacy advertising for initial contacts with potential customers.  As an example, Google uses direct mail in their mix for finding and staying in touch with customers.  For small companies, the problem with multichannel marketing is that it requires expertise in multiple marketing disciplines.  There is never enough time to learn how to develop or execute cross channel alternatives to your existing marketing approach.

As with others in your industry you have mastered digital advertising such as email, social and search.  You have stayed away from "snail mail" because conventional wisdom says it is ineffective (Google disagrees), too expensive, too slow, and too difficult to produce.  The reality is that even if you wanted to use direct mail you do not have the time or energy to figure out all that postal stuff .

Besides, who uses Direct Mail for Marketing Anymore?

The answer: those that want to get their marketing messages read.  The USPS Household Diary Study proves year after year that on average over 80% of recipients of mail either read or scan their ad mail upon receipt.  Another recent study shows that young adults strongly prefer (up to a 3-1 preference) "to learn about marketing offers via postal mail and newspapers rather than online sources..."  While "In" and "Junk" boxes are crammed with 100s of advertising emails, potential customers' physical mailboxes average less than four pieces of mail per day, and several of those are bills.

Other Comparisons

As for costs, when comparing apples to apples direct mail is less expensive than using email as an acquisition tool if you compare the cost of delivering a fully functional marketing message, not the cost of delivering messages containing white boxes with an "X" in them.  It is true it takes longer to deliver "snail Mail" than an email message, and yet the Postal Service will deliver more videos into the hands of your targeted audience next month than YouTube will deliver over the next year.  More important than speed of delivery, direct mail breaks through all the digital firewalls designed to keep your digital advertising out.  Direct Mail hand delivers your marketing messages and video to your intended recipient.

As for being difficult to produce, this is where Butler Mailing Services comes in.  We do direct mail.  Not only do we do easy direct mail such as postcards, we do the hard stuff such as putting discs in the mail stream!  We are your on-demand dedicated staff that takes care of your direct mail needs.

We make direct mail easy... for you!