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For marketing profesionals it's a full time job to set goals, develop plans, and design advertising that drives financial success.  Working with people in the graphic arts has always been a challenge.  Now you have to be proficient in both the physical and digital communication channels.  Response mechanisms are no longer as simple as printing an 800 number or providing a reply envelope but must include landing pages, white papers, and data acquisition forms to learn more about your targeted audiences.

In the past, advertising campaigns utilized a purchased list or pulled one from an in house resource.  Cross-channel marketing requires the integration, segmentation and data verification of multiple lists (or parts of lists) to be an effective outbound solicitation.  During the response faze, incoming data has to be verified and then appended/updated back in to the master file for the next outreach.  Of course you and your staff are up to these challenges.  If you don't have a staff, call Butler Mailing Services!


You be the BOSS...we'll be your staff.


Dear Todd,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts on this project.  I know that working with the census tracts was no easy task.  You pulled it off and were a pleasure to work with during the entire project.

Thank you for your efforts, professionalism and humor (to keep me grounded).  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tammy Allison

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Rutan Hospital

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