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Your Goal: Communicate with your targeted audience on an individualized basis, utilizing the communication channel they prefer and to which they will most likely respond!

The question is no longer which channel should I use to communicate with customers, donors, members, but under what circumstances should I use which channel?  More accurately, the question is which channel will motivate my targeted audience to respond?  Butler Mail can help with that!  Whether you prefer email or direct mail, we can provide insightful information that will allow you to stretch your communications budget and maximize the value of your marketing efforts.

But reaching out is only half the equation, no matter how compelling the story.  The challenge is to provide a method your audience is willing to use after motivating them to respond.  Donors over 70 typically want to write a check when making donations.  Millennials are more comfortable using credit cards and to give on-line.  To only provide Millennials with a return envelope, forcing the use of a check, will be as successful as telling 75 year olds to go on-line to make their donations.

Are your low response rates a result of not providing customers with their preferred response method?

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